Petite Ballroom

The most novel Mommy & Me class intown, “ Petite Ballroom” is an extraordinary blend of classical ballet and ballroom dance. This class is suitable for toddlers as young as 14 months and their dancing mommies. Developed by United States and European ballroom dance champions, as well as mothers of busy tots, the class is designed to spark a lifelong love and appreciation of dance. Every single move and shake has been tested and approved by our toughest critics- our own children.  We sing, we count, we dance ballet to the alphabet and Cha Cha to the numbers, we learn about European and Hispanic cultures and we have loads of fun! While we are flexible in many ways, we adhere strictly to one rule: each child, each Mom, each caregiver must have a blast while learning even the most complex moves !!! But we do know how to get down to business. We intend to educate, not merely entertain. The exercises will lay a solid foundation in both dance forms while using terms in French, Spanish and English. Moms, caregivers and petite dancers will learn together, dance, get a great workout, and develop a special bond that will last for years to come!  Petite dancers ( and their caregivers) will develop the following skills and gain exposure to different cultures: PHYSICALl: Grace, body awareness, strength flexibility, spatial operation, gross motor skills, self control.  COGNITIVE: Being able to recognize, count and reproduce various rhythms and tempos, characteristic to both Ballet and Latin/Ballroom dance (e.g. Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha, Salsa/Mamba, Merengue, Samba, Paso Doble, Swing). SOCIAL: Proper dance etiquette, taking turns, ability to work in a team. Cultural: Exposure to Hispanic and European dances, cultures and language.