Hip hop dance is a diverse and energetic form of movement that evolved as a part of the broader hip hop culture. It encompasses a range of street dance styles characterized by fluid and rhythmic movements, often accompanied by hip hop music. Some prominent styles within hip hop dance include breaking (breakdance), popping, locking, krumping, and more. Breaking involves athletic movements performed close to the ground, including spins, freezes and intricate footwork. Popping and locking emphasize quick, isolated movements and distinct poses executed in synchronization with the beats of the ‘music. Krumping is known for its intense, high-energy movements, often conveying emotions through exaggerated and powerful motions.  Hip Hop dance encourages self-expression, creativity, and individual style. Dancers often incorporate personal flair, improvisation, and freestyle elements into their routines, contributing to the dynamic and ever- evolving nature of hip hop dance as an art form.