Ballet Level 1

Ballet Level 1 typically serves as an introductory or beginner level in ballet training. It focuses on building a strong foundation in the fundamental techniques, positions, and vocabulary of classical ballet. Students in Ballet Level 1 typically start with basic exercises at the barre ( a stationary handrail used for support) to develop proper posture alignment, balance and coordination. In this level, dancers learn the five basic positions of the feet and arms, proper body alignment, basic ballet terminology, and introductory movements such as Pliés tendus, Dégagé and Relevés. They begin to understand the principles of turnout ( external rotation of the legs from the hips) and work on developing strength, flexibility, and musicality essential for ballet. Classes at this level are structured to help students grasp the foundational elements of ballet technique while focusing on proper body mechanics and control. As students progress through Ballet Level 1, they gradually build the skills necessary to advance to higher levels of ballet training.